Happy New Year!

2015 marks a new year packed full of possibility not only in my blog world {seen here} but my work and personal lives as well!  Amongst all the new possibility excitement, I want to check off a few goals along the way.

10 Goals and Resolutions for 2015

  1. Make candles Something I have been meaning to cross off my bucket list for a while! Not only will I learn a new skill but my home will smell delightful! I’ll be sure to share my how-to!
  2. Host a dinner party Santa brought a kitchen full of cooking and entertaining goodies! Now time to show them off!
  3. Finish the boyfriends four runner painting Those who know the boyfriend know how much he loves his tonka toy! I started a painting of his beloved beast but need to get motivated to finish it. Don’t worry – a before and after blog post will accompany its completion.
  4. Garden more I love to garden but for some reason did not make time for it in 2014. This year will be the year of la flor!
  5. Make ring bowls  {seen here} This has been sitting on my pinterest board forever. These are too cute not to create – plus an excuse to acquire more jewelry!
  6. Answer my phone So many people have voiced their difficulties in reaching me. This year the goal is not only to answer but return calls! 
  7. Visit family more I do not visit my family enough. I travel for work but not pleasure? That seems a bit unbalanced and needs correcting. Hope the jetta is ready for a few extra miles this year!
  8. Decorate for each holiday I find such joy in decorating for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. When my home feels festive, I find myself in a creative state of mind so why not keep this going year round?
  9. Drink more water You would think this wouldn’t be a resolution but it is! I could always drink a bit more water each day.
  10. Complete my blog goals As seen {here} there are a few goals I have in mind for the blog. Have any other suggestions you think would be great? Leave a comment!

What do you have in mind for the new year?


2015 balloons


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