Dreaming with Open Eyes

Admittedly I have taken up reading as a way to decorate.  Let me explain…since moving into a home with built-in bookshelves, I have been working to fill the space with books I can say I have read start to finish. Traveling for work has also fueled this newfound reading obsession; downtime spent waiting at gates is most enjoyed with a great book in hand. I have found myself turning the pages of a few books quite faster than others and thought I would share these great titles.

Reading Rainbow

Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead         by Sheryl Sandberg

I recently picked this book up in search of guidance for navigating corporate America as a female. Prior to beginning my career, I really didn’t understand how different women are treated in the workplace and/or in my case feel. This book highlights how women can sometimes hold themselves back and provides insight on how to overcome this. As I face decisions in my work life, this book has provided rational to see through fear and expose the opportunity. A great read for any woman seeking to go far in their career!

The Happiness Project   by Gretchen Rubin

With New Year’s resolutions on the brain, I had to include this book. The Happiness Project showcases how the author’s guilt is keeping her from true divine happiness. This guilt is manifested from disappoint in one’s self for not taking action on one’s goals. This happens to me every year! I keep telling myself I am going to complete a particular project however never make time to actually complete the project {hence my public proclamation of my 2015 goals!}. This guilt of not following through can plague even the best of accomplishments. Gretchen finds an interesting way to overcome this internal struggle. Anyone who really wants to stick to their goals this year – I suggest you grab a copy to kick-start 2015!

Delivering Happiness      by Tony Hsieh

This book from the brain behind Zappos.com walks you through Zappos success from start to present. An interesting and inspirational read, I really enjoyed the personal stories sprinkled in throughout the book.This book teaches business lessons I believe would be good for all to know and really got me excited about work.

Cupcakes and Cashmere              by Emily Shuman

The ultimate how-to for girls, Cupcakes and Cashmere is the creation of blogger Emily Shuman. This book allows your to follow Emily through a year of decorating, entertaining and outfits.

Bossypants         by Tina Fey

I think Tina Fey is hilarious and finding out she is was the author behind the girl empowering Bossypants I had to check it out. Although a mix between autobiography and self-help, this book comes across as more of a comedy. I have to admit it was a bit embarrassing busting out in laughter amongst strangers. I may recommend reading this jewel in privacy.

What’s next on my reading list? I plan to check out a few of books recommended {here} by my friend over at City Girl Southern Style. Any good books you’ve read lately? Leave a comment!



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