Noticeably Nude

Recently I find myself obsessing over nude nail polish. I typically go for deep reds but recently nude polish seems classic and refreshing. It makes the nails look longer and chips are less noticeable when in between appointments.

Below are a few pinterest finds to get you inspired to try this look!



Nude Pinspiration

OPI | Mimosa’s for Mr. & Mrs 


Butter London | Yummy Mummy


Chanel | Frenzy


Essie | Pound Cake {similar here}


All the colors of the rainbow

I love when girlfriends come to town! No different was the latest visit from my childhood friend Courtney. She ventured all the way from the shores of South Carolina to see me making the small time we shared a great treat!


Courtney always introduces me to some of my favorite cosmetic products. She is responsible for my long love affair with Chanel‘s dunes eye shawdow quad from their Les 4 Omres collection…


…as well as my new obsession with the hottest item in eye shadows at the moment; Naked by Urban Decay.


This case includes 12 different shadows packed with punch needed to created multiple looks! A brush is included in the mirrored case making it purse friendly. I’m sure any lady would love to have this stuffed in their stocking!

Pick up the pallet for yourself and tweet me your thoughts @theprettypeach

Keep it peachy!

Ooohh Lahh Lahhh Liner

My latest addition or shall I say obsession to my make-up bag is Clinque’s Quickliner for Eyes

I always tell myself Adria – you sell for a living, don’t get sold – but to no avail I find myself fully embodying the customer experience. Take this latest purchase for instance. Waltzing up to the make up counter I put on my poker face while coaching myself subconsciously. I immediately blurt out to the cosmetic lady  I am in a hurry as I have milk in the car and I only need one thing – foundation.

Thirty minutes later -I walk out spending more than I wanted with a face ready to hit the nightclubs of HOTlanta! I usually feel remnants of buyers remorse but I will say this fab liner has not disappointed. Not only does it last 18 hours  but it gives that smooth look and feel of a liquid liner without the hot mess that follows. Though I would agree $18.00 for and eyeliner is a little steep – I hinted around to the sales associate and scored a feel shadow duo with blush and eye pencil! Be jealous!

Here’s a hit for my readers who love to shop – ask your sales associate if there are any discounts or freebies you can take advantage of. If you are persistent – she will be more than happy to accommodate!
Keep it peachy!



Another duty that comes along with relocating your life is finding the perfect places for such beauty services as brow shaping to hair dyeing. Being fed up with overgrown brows, I decided to venture on down to the corner Arches.

Arches is a local chain of business offering skin products and beauty services. I decided to test out their brow threading service. Brow threading is an ancient technique of hair removal whose orientation links back to India and parts of the Middle East. This way of shaping your brows is advertised as being less painful and better for your skin than differing methods like waxing.

As one who still twinges at the thought of a wax strip, I hopped on the idea of a less painful but still effective method. My first sign of this isn’t a good idea came when asked to stretch my eye out using my fingers. I don’t know if it was differing accents or ditziness, but I could not get the right hold on my eye plus the thought of ruining my eye makeup was just not something I was necessarily going for on my lunch break.

With arms in a pretzel, I attempt to stretch my eye as far as possible in hopes of alleviating this feeling of having my eyelid popped with a band over and over. Unable to bare the pain, my eyes start gushing water – mix that with my make up and you have a slippery mess. With each attempt to stretch my eye down, fingers would slip – eye would get poked – more tears would rush. This would also follow with a polite scorn to “stttttrrrrrettccchhh your eye…no here – not there!!”

Finally, the pain stopped and a mirror flashed before me. This was a complete wasted of her effort as flowing tears would not quit enough for me to see. The film of eye makeup hindering my vision would not subside so – in southerner fashion – I said thanks and complimented her on the work.

With the flip of a chair, I was again laid back and before I knew it ‘enjoying’ my second round of beauty treatment. With the echos of her words “stretch your eye” I instantly start thinking of wrinkles. In no way is stretching my eye skin adding to the never-ending anti wrinkle battle I have going on with my face. I then knew this isn’t a good idea.

Scurrying back to work did not allow much time to gaze at the quality of work I had received so inspection came as I settled in the Rav for the ride home. OH MY I thought as I stared at the two light brown lines of hair topping my eyes. My trip to Arches lead to archless eyebrows.

My sincerest efforts at combing an arch to my brows have yet to be successful. I do find the scabs I now have (from the pinching of the thread) really compliments my eye makeup. {Please note large amounts of sarcasm in that last statement}

Curious threaders beware for I do believe I will be returning to the ancient art of waxing!