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I’ve been looking for a simple way to get my necklaces organized on the cheap. After a little research, my favorite blogger over at Cupcakes & Cashmere provided the perfect solution via her post {HERE}.

Opting for gold nails to skip on the painting, I quickly measured out about an inch between each nail. I then added a staggered row to ensure enough room for more necklaces. After taking a step back, the necklaces alone seemed a bit dull. To add a touch of art, I added an old Valentine’s card from the boyfriend to an Ikea picture frame {HERE} to add style to my organization.

Now that I have my necklaces organized, it has brought more attention to my messy rings and bracelets! Look’s like I’ll be checking off #5 of the resolutions list sooner rather than later!





After cleansing my home of Christmas, it was time to get my home in order. As told a post or two ago {HERE}, I have bookshelves that act as the focal point of my current living room. After moving around trinkets to make room for Christmas decor, I decided it was a great time to reshuffle the shelves and better organize my trinkets.


To get started, I did my research. Over to pinterest I went in search of ‘how-to’ pins from other who had successfully completed their bookshelf revamp. I found {this}, {this} and {this} article to be helpful in getting me started.

I began my refresh by removing everything from the shelves for good scrub. As this is a rental, I knew I wasn’t going to invest in repainting the shelves and walls so I used a cleaner with bleach to get everything looking as clean and crisp as possible. Note to self: use gloves when cleaning with bleach especially after a fresh mani!!

With all items removed, I then organized my stuff by category (i.e. picture frames, trinkets, books, ect…) keeping like colors together. I analyzed items I knew were to be kept and stored others I decided to no longer display. Now time to organize! Per my research, I started with large items and books.

Once I had a few items in place, I began playing around with other items while trying to keep things in groups of three. I would place items – step away – then rearrange until I felt I had a collective mix of item and color.

Although everything isn’t perfect, this will hold me over until the possible move (tidbit mentioned {here} but more deets to come!)


Can you tell the difference? Besides smelling fresh and clean the shelves now feel less cluttered and will be easier to keep clean; not to mention, every trinket and photo displayed are now meaningful.

What’s your first ‘clean up’ project of the new year? Leave a comment!



She lets her imagination run away from her…

While home for the holidays my Nana recommended for me to start a journal. One where I can look back at all the stories or recipes I may forget along the way. Like a good southern girl, I listen to my elders so upon this advice I search for a new journal. Check out some of the stylish options to hold thoughts or grocery lists.

Which should I pick? Tweet me your thoughts @theprettypeach








Get the goods…

Kate Spade | Deborah Dot Journal

Vera Bradley | Life in Progress 

Mudlark Papers | ‘Santika’ Lined Journal

Michael Kors | Metallic Journal

Title courtesy of Kate Spade chic quotes